Help! I’ve Got A Voice Problem

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“What’s wrong with my voice?”
“Why does my throat hurt?”
“What should I be doing?”

Our voices are a huge part of our identity. Having a problem with your voice can be scary, affecting your work and social life, and even how you feel about yourself. This book will help you to understand why this can happen, and what recovery could look like.

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3 reviews for Help! I’ve Got A Voice Problem

  1. J Hill

    A must read for anyone with Vocal Health issues. Clear and concise.

  2. D Costello

    This wonderfully accessible book emphasises the many and various ways in which voices can go wrong. In discussing biological, psychological and sociological factors, it helps readers to understand that there is rarely just one factor causing vocal dysfunction. A fabulous introduction to voice disorders.

  3. Keesha Mclean

    Love, love, LOVE this book by Stephen King and Lydia Hart.
    Beautifully written, Illustrated and super easy to read and digest! Congratulations!
    Opening of first paragraph – ‘First of all, it’s not your fault’.
    I wish I had this book during my vocal studies and early career.
    A must read for all voice users!

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